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Equinox Saison (7CB) ……..… 5%
Bready and floral with notes of banana, clove, coriander and orange.

Ale Be Home ……..… 6%
This Winter Warmer Ale is deep amber in color with a rich creamy mouthfeel. Festively crafted with vanilla, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg so you can enjoy holiday happiness in a glass.

Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout ……..… 10%
(10 oz) High gravity stout with a generous amount of oats added. Chocolate, honey and crystal malts give this beer a rich flavor and aroma while thickening the mouth feel. Aged in an Elevated Mountain Distillery barrel from Maggie Valley.

Light and Refreshing

Lily’s Cream Boy ……..… 4.8%
Mild light-bodied crème ale. Crisp mouthfeel with a velvety corn aftertaste.

7 Clans Blonde Ale (7CB) …..5%
Malt-forward American Blonde ale. Medium bodied, bready and floral.

Bring on the Hops

Hop-Rooted IPA (7CB) …..6.5%
American IPA with intense floral and citrus notes. Bitterness is bright and balanced. Dry hopped for an extra punch of hop goodness.

Salamander Slam IPA…..7%
An award-winning English IPA that’s pine and citrus forward with a balanced malt base.

Uktena Double IPA ……..… 10.3%
A mega hopped double IPA loaded with a variety of 5 hops. Juicy bitterness up front followed by fully hop flavors and aromas with notes of stone fruit, melon and pear.

Smooth Browns

Bended Tree Chestnut Brown (7CB) …..5%
Malt-forward American Brown with notes of biscuit, caramel, and a subtle chestnut presence.

Nutty Brunette…..6.3%
A smooth brown that’s slightly sweet and toasty with toffee and caramel.

Hopscotch Ale…..7.2%
A classic Scottish Ale with rich malt and low hops. A taste oak with a touch of caramel.


Croak-A-Nut Porter…..6.3%
English style porter with toasted coconut, a silky smooth mouth feel followed by rustic chocolate and rounded out with vanilla sweetness.

Bug-Eyed Stout…..6.5%
An espresso stout with notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Night Vision Goggles…..7%
A delicious roasted peanut butter stout. Slightly sweet and very smooth.

Imperial Stout…..10%
(10oz) Traditional Imperial Stout made with caramel and honey malts. A silky mouthfeel with hints of chocolate and vanilla.


Ultraviolet Blueberry Sour…..6.6%
A Kettle Sour with crisp and tart with blueberry notes up front and a fizzy, refreshing finish.

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Gingers Revenge: (Rotating Seasonal)

Wehrloom Honey Meadery: Dry County Dry ……..… 11.5% 
(10 oz) A traditional carbonated mead with four simple ingredients. Water, yeast, oak cubes and honey.

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